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Emmanuel Organ Emmanuel organ


Detached, normally at east end of south aisle (~25 metres away from the organ) but with ability to relocate to the centre of the crossing for concert use.


Positioned towards the east end of south aisle, free-standing. The casework provides little more than an overall frame for the instrument. The swell is placed the rear of the great and slightly higher allowing the pipe work to be visible through the glass shutters.

Keyboard Pipes

Stop type:  tab     

Pedalboard:  concave radiating.

With thanks to

Mel Harrison for  information and photographs.

Technical details



Organ erected, plate: "Erected 26th April 1856" without giving the maker's name.


Laycock & Bannister, Keighley. Inscription: "Purchased by subscription of the parishioners of Holcombe, (to which was added the proceeds of the sale of the old organ) and opened on Wednesday, February 6th 1878."


George Sixsmith, Ashton-under-Lyne; built; extension organ, four ranks (2 Great & Pedal, 2 Swell).


Cleaned and overhauled; most tuning slides replaced, some magnets replaced and some re-felting

St Mary’s Organ